John Daly – Professional Golfer

Published on February 2, 2004

John Daly
Professional Golfer

If a customer says no to you, do you stop? If 50 customers say no to you, do you stop and go home? If you do not win any of the 180 golf tournaments you have played in, do you give up and retire? John Daly didn’t give up.

With a well documented story of having tough times and difficulties in coping with life, it has been 9 years since John Daly won a PGA tournament. After failing for 188 times, John Daly won the Buick Open on February 15th. The tears running down his face during the interview symbolized the sweat, anguish and heartache he has gone through. Yet, you would never have known it since he kept playing through it all and eventually reaching the high ground once again as a champion.

The reality is John Daly has been a champion all his life. His story continues to motivate us all and provide evidence of what it takes to succeed in life. It takes sheer determination and belief in yourself, even when others may have given up on you. It takes belief when you, yourself, are down and doubt whether or not you can do it. The only difference that separates the sales superstars and the non-performers is they don’t let their fears and doubts stop them. Oh, there is one other key thing that separates the top performers from all others, commitment and hard work.

Thank you John Daly, our Titan Profile of the month. You have exemplified the type of behavior Titans employ daily as part of the quest to succeed in life.

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