Lead Sell or Get Out of The Way- Review by Mike Schatzki Negotiations Expert

Published on May 28, 2009

This is a really good book. But it is not a book about sales tactics. If you’re looking for the 28 best closing techniques, 15 cold calling scripts or tricks to reach the decision-maker, you need to look elsewhere. Ron Karr’s book is about strategy. And the focus is on team leadership.

Now you might say to yourself, what team? I’m out there all alone making the sale, I don’t have a team. But as Ron clearly points out, you actually have to lead not one but two teams, and it is critical that you lead and manage both of them effectively. The more obvious of the two teams is the one inside your own organization. This includes the many people involved in making the sale and providing the products and services that you sell, such as customer service, technical support, product management, R&D, accounts receivable, and you’re own senior management.

The second team that you have to manage is the customer team that is involved with the purchase. This could include the end-user, IT, operations, accounts payable, purchasing, R&D, and your customer’s senior management.

And more and more, all these people are talking to each other directly, rather than going through you. That makes it imperative that you have the leadership skills necessary to manage and lead these teams in order to make the sale and then successfully implement the sale. You must be “prepared to emerge as a team leader in a flexible network that not only crosses departmental lines, but also crosses the line between selling and buying organizations…. Your success as a salesperson depends on your ability to build and sustain coalitions both inside and outside your organization.” That is the essence of this book and Ron succeeds admirably in giving you the insights and the tools that you need to do just that.

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