How To Connect With People Who Are Difficult to Get A Hold Of

Published on January 24, 2012

People Always Make Time for Those Who Can Help Them

In my Linked In Group- Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way- Advice for CEO’s and Executives, someone started a conversation on what is the best way to reconnect with a past client who moved to a new situation.

One respondent simply said pick up the phone and call.

On the surface, this is a great answer. But deep down there is something more powerful you need to know.

First, understand that person will probably take your call because they know you and had a positive experience with you, hopefully. After that, that person becomes just like anybody else and your unique advantage of having a past relationship will start to vanish if you don’t answer the following question effectively. It is the same question all people who are difficult to get a hold of are asking of those seeking their time.

Can this person REALLY HELP ME?

If you are trying to reach people who are difficult to get a hold of and are not being successful, you need to read the next sentence very carefully!!!

The Fundamental Law of Influence is that People Will Always Make Time For Those They Believe Can Help Them.

Whether it is providing solutions to problems, introductions to others or simply a recreational experience that adds fun or reduces stress in one’s life.

To give that person the impression you can help them, you need to do three critical things:

1. Don’t talk about what’s important to you. Find out what’s important to them
2. Engage them in the conversation and let them do most of the talking
3. Provide value to them first before you expect anything in return

The biggest mistake people make is they are looking for payment of some kind, a return or a commitment, before they provide the other person with value. The most influential people in the world and those of great wealth know the simple process of acquisition:

Provide value first and you will be rewarded handsomely. Looking for the reward first limits your perceived value.

So ask yourself when you leave your next voice mail message or ask someone to introduce you to someone else? Did you give them a compelling reason on why they should invest their precious time with you?

“Help people get to where they want to go first, and you in turn will get more than you ever thought was possible!!!” This is an official quote from Ron Karr.

Learn how to have these conversations by reading or listening to Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way!!!