Rejection, Rejection, Rejection

Published onĀ September 2, 2000

When you get rejected, how does it feel? No need for you to answer. Let me. It hurts, it stings, it devalues you, it de-motivates, it deflates you, it makes you want to stop and hide, and on and on. Now, how should you really feel when you are rejected? Hopefully your feeling will not include the emotions listed above.

In rejection, it very easy and common to take things personally and proceed with self-talk on how you screwed up. However, in many instances, it has nothing to do with your screwing up. To begin with, a rejection is not an irreversible situation. All the person is saying to you is at this time, the commitment you are asking for is not equal to the risk associated with it. The value is not there.

All you simply have to do is find out what’s missing for the customer and provide it. Then you will see the rejection transformed into acceptance.

Another thing. When people reject us, it many times has more to do with what they are going through versus what you are doing. Did you ever take the time to stop and think that maybe the customer was just simply having a bad day and was not in the mood to being receptive to anyone?

Bottom line, rejection is usually not personal. It is simply a statement that something is missing. Find the missing, reposition your offering and transform the no into a yes. If that doesn’t work, then move on to the customer who values your products and services. That is where your money, sense of self worth and future success lie.

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