Bravo- Jennifer Capriati

Published on July 2, 2001

What’s the difference between today’s 25 year old Jennifer Capriati and the teen age version 9 years ago? COMMITMENT! As a teen, she was totally unfocussed on winning and overtaken by the celebrity status she enjoyed. Her main interest was partying. She also fell victim to being influenced by individuals who were out for their own interests and not hers.

After a layoff, Jennifer got herself together and committed to her coach (and father) Stephano, to do whatever it takes to succeed. The results are spectacular and evident to us everyday as she captures one Grand Slam Title after another.

Jennifer’s story is relevant to all of us. It just goes to show what commitment can do to one’s level of success. If you are having a bad day, understand it is your commitment that will turn it into a better tomorrow. If you are having a great day,
understand it is your commitment that will provide for more great days in the future. Just because things don’t go right at some point does not mean you cannot succeed. It all has to do with your commitment!

The measure of an individual’s greatness is not so much what they do when they are on top of the world. It is what they do when they are at the bottom of a particular cycle. Titans are always committed to getting back on top!

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