Eric Butterworth

“I tell you and you forget. I show you and you remember. I involve you and you understand”. Eric Butterworth TRANSLATION: Titans always engage their customers as active participants in sales calls. You are more likely to have your message land with greater impact if the person you are talking to is involved and understands … Continue reading Eric Butterworth

Come On, Push It!

In my first sales position in 1980, I was breaking sales records left and right. In fact, by June of that year, I was at 180% of quota! I remember a conversation I had with my manager that month which provided me with a memory I will never forget. As I returned to the office … Continue reading Come On, Push It!

Bravo- Jennifer Capriati

What’s the difference between today’s 25 year old Jennifer Capriati and the teen age version 9 years ago? COMMITMENT! As a teen, she was totally unfocussed on winning and overtaken by the celebrity status she enjoyed. Her main interest was partying. She also fell victim to being influenced by individuals who were out for their … Continue reading Bravo- Jennifer Capriati

Catching a Buzz!

Buzz Marketing is the latest fad being talked about. The idea is to use a handful of carefully chosen trendsetters in a community to act as “influencers”. For instance, you can call up your friends or associates and act as an influencer regarding a product or service you highly recommend. If the pitch is done … Continue reading Catching a Buzz!

Titan Quote

“When you are in your own head, you are behind enemy lines!” Unknown Source TRANSLATION: If your ego is oversized, you are less likely to be listening to your customers. If you think you are not good enough, you are not equipped to be listening to your customers. Concentrate on your customers and everything else … Continue reading Titan Quote