Bill Fargie & Spencer Brown

Published on February 2, 2003

Bill Fargie & Spencer Brown
2002 Distributors of The Year
Wright Medical

Recently I attended the annual awards banquet for a valued client, Wright Medical. Two distributors cleaned up that night and received the most awards including Best in Customer Service, best in various product groups and the big recognition, Distributor of the Year.

Normally, only one distributor is given the prestigious award of Distributor of the Year. This year, both gentlemen, Bill Fargie and Spencer Brown, were in a dead heat and therefore were name co-winners of this award.

These same two gentlemen attended two programs I presented for the company in the last 4 months. They took the most notes, asked many questions, and really worked hard on trying to figure out how they can do things different and better. They are true veterans of the industry and do not let their expertise and years in the business cloud their judgment by feeling they know it all. In fact, they live their lives as most successful people do, always in search of what they don’t know.

Success does not happen by accident. It happens through commitment, enhancing one’s skills and making things happen.

Congratulations to Bill Fargie and Spencer Brown, our Titan Profiles of the Month. I am confident that if invited to your awards banquet again next year, I will once again be standing and celebrating your success. After all, you are already hard at work in making this result become reality.

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