Back to the Future

Recently, Charles Schwab was quoted as saying that families are not spending enough time talking about money. He feels more time should be spent on this subject since money is crucial if you are going to fund your dreams. I agree with this and will take it one step further. We don’t spend enough time … Continue reading Back to the Future

Bill Fargie & Spencer Brown

Bill Fargie & Spencer Brown 2002 Distributors of The Year Wright Medical Recently I attended the annual awards banquet for a valued client, Wright Medical. Two distributors cleaned up that night and received the most awards including Best in Customer Service, best in various product groups and the big recognition, Distributor of the Year. Normally, … Continue reading Bill Fargie & Spencer Brown

Go Flash Go!!

In the movie Flash, a young boy was given a horse named Flash by his father who left to work on the high seas. The boy lived with his grandmother who dies when he is roughly 10 years old. To give his grandmother a proper funeral, the cost is $500. The only way this young … Continue reading Go Flash Go!!

In the Face of ALL Odds

The critical assets a leader needs is the belief and confidence in his/her ideas and commitment to see them through. There are a two caveats to this statement. One, you must really believe what you are doing is truly the best for all involved. Your decisions are not based solely on your need for survival, … Continue reading In the Face of ALL Odds