Don Gabor

Published on August 2, 2004

Don Gabor
Best Selling Author

As an expert on conversation skills, you might have the expectation that Don Gabor is also a seasoned sales expert. Undoubtedly, Don is the master in getting people to talk. But, Don wanted to improve his success rate in one other key area, closing more business.

Before Don took The Titan Boot Camp, his questions centered more on the prospects skills set versus their strategic needs and direction. Now, he asks a different set of questions. One of the things the Titan Boot Camp showed me how to do was to connect the conversation skills with how people would benefit by improved communications with their colleagues, customers, friends and family.

Just by changing the questions Don asked, he started to see immediate and dramatic results. The first week after the boot camp, Don closed one of the biggest deals of his career. That was nine months ago. Since the program ended, Don continues to use the process and has seen a significant result in his bottom line. Don also claims that by going through this process and working at it every day, he has managed to reposition himself from being perceived as a vendor of commodity type services to being a trusted advisor offering real solutions.

Don Gabor is stellar example of a Titan… a professional looking for ways to improve himself and increase the value he brings to his clients. He realizes that growth is not an event, but a process of continuous improvement. He continuously strives to be the best he can be.

Congratulations Don Gabor, our Titan Profile of the Month.

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