Realizing the Privilege

Published on November 2, 2004

Recently I had the opportunity of reading the findings of a report written by a world renowned specialist to the physician that referred my mother. When you visit a highly specialized doctor, the attitude you may expect to find is that of someone who knows they are good and really doesn’t have much time for you. Their calendar is full. If you weren’t there, someone else would be.

Well, this specialist I am referring to offers a different mindset. You see it in the closing line of his report to the referring physician… “Thank you for the privilege to participate in the caring of your patient”.

What a powerful statement! How many of us truly realize it is a privilege to serve our customers? How many of us take this privilege seriously and ensure the service rendered is truly the best we can offer?

Thanksgiving allows us to be thankful for a lot of things. While we are at it, let’s be thankful for the privilege our customers have given us to serve them and the value they place in our products and services.

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