Bob Danzig

“Star marketers of the world seek opportunities that benefit their customers” Bob Danzig Former CEO Hearst Newspapers, Author, & Professional Speaker   Translation: Early in Bob’s career, he made a name for himself selling advertising by finding innovative ways of helping small businesses reach their markets. His approach of seeking opportunities that benefited his … Continue reading Bob Danzig

A Scientist’s Blueprint for Success in Sales and Life

Recently, I had the privilege of being invited by the Weizmann Institute of Science to visit with their scientists in Rehovot, Israel and got a feel for the projects they are involved in. It was exhilarating listening to all the presentations of advances being worked on that will positively impact humanity. Pioneering cancer researcher, Professor … Continue reading A Scientist’s Blueprint for Success in Sales and Life

Realizing the Privilege

Recently I had the opportunity of reading the findings of a report written by a world renowned specialist to the physician that referred my mother. When you visit a highly specialized doctor, the attitude you may expect to find is that of someone who knows they are good and really doesn’t have much time for … Continue reading Realizing the Privilege