The Will To Prepare vs. The Will to Win

Published on December 12, 2004

For those who have heard me speak, you may remember a story I told about a conversation I had with a client in the mid 90’s, Bud Howard, VP of Sales for Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation (division of Hertz). As we were traveling together cross country on a plane, he asked me what I thought was more important: The Will to Prepare or The Will to Win. After a lengthy philosophical question, we both agreed that The Will to Prepare is more important than the Will to Win.

You can have a great desire to win in life, but if you are not prepared to act when your “chance” in life comes, your odds of winning are greatly reduced. The same holds true in sales,
leadership, athletics, parenting and many other aspects of life. Luck only comes to those who are out there making it happen and preparing themselves for that special moment. Branch Rickey once said that “luck is the residue of design”.

I leave you now to continue your preparation for the New Year and all the opportunities that are coming your way. Be open to all possibilities and most importantly, be prepared.

From all of us at Karr Associates, Inc., best wishes for a Successful 2005!!!

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