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Published on June 10, 2009

Most salespeople don’t reach their ultimate level of success for one or more of the following three reasons:

1. They’re not that good.

2. They don’t sell effectively.

3. There are issues (delivery, quality, pricing, competition, etc.) outside of their sphere of influence that get in the way of their selling.

I have yet to meet a salesperson that thought the first or second possibilities were the reason, but that’s probably true for ninety percent of them. Yet even the ten percent who are truly sales masters don’t even know how good they can really be.

They are constantly closing business, but are they closing business without having to discount? Are they getting their fair share of the customer’s business? Are they leaving money behind because they failed to uncover new opportunities that are theirs to lose? Are they constantly talking about all of their features and benefits without really finding out the outcomes customers are craving and will pay dearly for?

What About You?

Are you going through the motions of making sales calls (task oriented) hoping that the level of activity will result in enough sales dollars? Or are you doing what it takes to position yourself as an invaluable resource that the customer cannot live without?

If you are positioned as an invaluable resource, you should be blowing through your quotas no matter what the economic conditions. I know because in 1984, when the company I worked for, Control Data, lost over $300 million, I still came in at 150% of quota when all of my colleagues at best came in at 50% of quota. Yes it was a down year. Yes it’s easy to justify one’s performance based on the economy. But the reality is all of us really do control our own destiny, no matter what the market forces throw at us.

If you are not consistently blowing away your quota year after year, you are not living the life of a Sales Titan. Sales Titans consistently perform as top producers in any environment. The reason is their value-added positioning. When you position yourself as an invaluable resource, you can guarantee that you will always outperform your competition and always mark your place at the top of the leader board.

If you are truly a Sales Titan and making a difference in the life and performance of your customers, you are:

  • Closing sales more often at full price!
  • The leader in market share!
  • Having the competition chase you!
  • Blowing away your quota year after year!
  • Breaking sales records!
  • Increasing your personal income year after year!

Do the arithmetic. If you are really making a dramatic difference in the lives and performance of your customers, you are making more money than you ever envisioned.

Now, I don’t mean to be belittling or insulting, but the fact is you and only you control your destiny. When you come right down to it, all of us have products and services that for the most part are appealing and meet a certain need in the marketplace. Yet, why is it that some sales superstars come away with most of the business, even when they are hit with challenges? The difference is the attitude and strategy they employ on a daily basis!

The attitude is simple: You must believe that you are going to succeed no matter what! The strategy is also simple: To constantly be in tuned to your customers challenges and provide them with solutions that are going to get them to their next level of success. You have the products and services to do this. You believe this; otherwise you wouldn’t be working for your present company. But do your strategies and tactics support this?

Ask Yourself if Your Actions Support Your Purpose of Being An Invaluable Resource That Gets Most if Not All of The Business and Results in Your Being a Sales Titan!!!

If You Think You Want To Improve In This Area, Then You Must Attend The Recession-Busting Program How To Sell More In Less Time At Higher Profits!!!

Titan Boot Camp – Sell More in Less Time at Higher Profits!!!

This two-day program is not for everyone!!! It is a very intense and highly interactive workshop for the serious-minded sales professional dedicated to reach the limits of their potential and beyond. It is for veterans who are committed to that next level of success and are willing to try new things. It is for the new hire that wants to dramatically reduce the time it takes to ramp up in sales and achieve Titan status. It is also for sales managers looking for tools to use in coaching their sales teams. It is for all sales professionals who truly want to be top producers.

This event is designed to help you redefine the paradigm from which you operate. It will transform you from selling in a self-focused mode to a customer-focused mode. This transformation in itself will result in greater sales revenues overnight!

You will learn simple techniques that will immediately gain the time and attention of your customers. You will learn how to elevate your products and services up to the highest level of attention in your customer’s mind. You will learn how to become an invaluable resource!

Positioning Yourself as an Invaluable Resource

The most important part of sales is your positioning. Are you viewed as someone who the customer wants and needs to talk to? Are you the expert they rely on? Most salespeople position themselves based on the “hows” — how their services and products work. That is a commodity-based positioning that does not differentiate you from the competition. You must be positioned based on the customer’s desired outcomes, what they can expect to gain from a relationship with you. “How’s” center on features and are often commodtized. Outcomes produce results.

The Interview

Now that you have the positioning, are you asking the right questions that will support your position and open up new opportunities for you to explore? Ninety percent of all sales questions are garbage. They waste time and do not yield the necessary information. Asking enough of the right questions is crucial to selling value-added services and products. This is critical to increasing your current level of success. It is the key to uncovering the information you need to support your value positioning and produce solutions that are considered to be second to none by your customers. The Titan Boot Camp will provide you with all of the ”Power Questions” you need to succeed.

The Motivation

You are now positioned properly, you ask the right questions and you have the “right solution”, but does your customer have the motivation to do what it takes to accept your solution? That motivation does not necessarily come from what you have to say. It comes from what the customer perceives are the consequences he or she is likely to face if they don’t accept your solution. If the perceived consequences are not high enough, the customer will not be motivated to act. This program will show you how to engage the customer in a conversation around their perceived consequences, a conversation the customer will thank you for by placing their order with you.

The Obstacles

Yes, things happen that can hinder your success. Deliveries are missed. Prices are too high. Quality takes a hit. Competitors are doing everything they can to steal your business. The economy is down and people are cutting back. Your customer brings out hidden objections.

While all of these things do happen, you have a choice on how to handle them. You can sit back and complain and become a victim. Or you can enact the simple strategies The Titan Boot Camp will provide for you on how to overcome these issues. The choice is yours: complain or run to the bank with your commission checks.

Life is too short. Cut out all of the excuses and do what it takes to make a difference in the lives of your customers, increase your success, and make more money. You do this and you will be a Sales Titan! You do this and your customers will come running after you. You can create this world for yourself. I know because I have and I am ready to prove it to you in a way that you will feel confident that you can do it, too!

“The Titan Principle® has helped many of our sales representatives position themselves as invaluable resources to their customers. Results include better sales strategies, effective presentations, and increased sales.”

James Harrod, former Principal with Edward Jones & Co.

You Must Take the First Step

This unique program has resulted in over $400 million in incremental sales revenues for high-profile companies such as Agfa Corporation, Edward Jones & Co., MetLife, Morgan Stanley, Cognis Chemicals, and Marriott Hotels to name a few.

If you decide to partake in this career-enhancing event, you must be committed to doing what it takes:

  • You must be committed to come to the two-day Titan Boot Camp with an open mind and be ready to actively participate.
  • You must be committed to carrying out the strategies and tactics you will learn.
  • You must be committed to hold yourself accountable to the fact that you, and only you, control your own destiny.
  • You must be committed to your success.

If you are committed to all of the above, I am committed to making it happen for you. If we are in agreement, then let’s get started to SELL MORE IN LESS TIME AT HIGHER PROFITS!

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Ron is the author of The Titan Principle®, The Number One Secret to Sales Success (Chandler House Press- 1998) and co-author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Great Customer Service (Macmillan Books- 1997). Articles written by Mr. Karr appear monthly in dozens of national publications including Entrepreneur Magazine and Home Office Magazine.