Sales Is The Only Way Out of this Recession

Companies and individuals have done the cost cutting. Jobs have been eliminated. Dealerships have been closed. Costs have been slashed. All this has done is help people weather the economic slump. Getting out of the slump is a different story. The only way out is by selling something.

How to Increase Your Closing Ratio

Many books have been written and seminars delivered on the development of so-called ‘closing techniques.’ Most advice on these so-called closing techniques is ludicrous. “Presto change-o,” they promise, “say this and people will magically want to buy from you!” Yet any commitments we “win” by reciting high-handed or manipulative phrases are likely to be short-lived, … Continue reading How to Increase Your Closing Ratio

7 Ways to Position Yourself as An Invaluable Resource for Your Clients

If both you and your client expect to make a profit, then you must have a strong and harmonious relationship between the two of you. Building and maintaining that relationship can take up an enormous chunk of a financial advisor’s time and effort! Here’s some advice on making that investment pay off.

The Attributes of a Titan: Working With Purpose An Interview with Ron Karr

Ron Karr is a professional speaker, consultant, trainer and author who specializes in helping organizations dominate their marketplace while helping individuals get closer to the people they serve. Ron’s secret is his ability to create Titans: those super-salespeople who can build lasting alliances by instantly creating highly perceived value for their customers.

Positioning & Sales Strategies Designed to Help You Sell More in Less Time at Higher Profits!!!

Most salespeople don’t reach their ultimate level of success for one or more of the following three reasons: 1. They’re not that good. 2. They don’t sell effectively. 3. There are issues (delivery, quality, pricing, competition, etc.) outside of their sphere of influence that get in the way of their selling. I have yet to … Continue reading Positioning & Sales Strategies Designed to Help You Sell More in Less Time at Higher Profits!!!