From Stale to Stellar: How to Break Your Routine Without Taking a Vacation

Published on August 17, 2023

How do you invigorate yourself when you are bored or deflated? The good news is you don’t have to go on vacation. But when you are bored or deflated, this is when you start to lose your edge.

The key to a sustainable business is what we call “Rinse and Repeat.” Consistently doing the right activities will help sustain a business.

The key is staying invigorated, especially when doing mundane tasks. Consider activities such as making 100 cold calls and getting to talk with no one, or filling out the same reports week after week. While monotonously repeating tasks that work is important, the unintended consequence is it could make you stale. THIS IS WHEN YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO REINVIGORATE YOURSELF.

The key to reinvigorating yourself is to mix things up. It has been proven in neuroscience that engaging in activities that challenge the neural pathways in your brain fosters clearer thinking and heightened productivity.

Here are 5 ways to reinvigorate yourself:

1. Approach your routine tasks differently. For example, when refilling my coffee holder with Keurig K-Cups, I intentionally alter my filling patterns to stimulate novel thinking. Adjust your routines and patterns.

2. Change your workspace. If you are working at home, work in the backyard – weather permitting – for a couple of hours. You will find yourself doing more work. But you need to be disciplined not to play hooky.
3. Speaking of playing hooky – if you are stale in your prospecting calls, maybe you should go to a networking event and meet people there. It will lead to better conversations and you will feel better. Or, if you’re feeling burnt out, then yes, go play golf or tennis. Your body and mind are talking to you and you must listen.

4. Change bad habits. If you have a habit of checking your email every 5 minutes, disrupting your focus on important tasks, consider disabling email notifications and alerts. Making access to your email more challenging could help break the cycle of frequent checking. The way to get rid of old habits is by making them irrelevant or harder to do.

5. Be purpose-driven, not task-driven. Purpose is where your motivation lies and it provides the energy you need to get through the tedious moments. If you are feeling stale or getting demotivated, ask yourself if you are task-driven or purpose-driven. Shifting from task-driven to purpose-driven can unlock the motivation required to achieve your goals, particularly if your purpose resonates with positive emotions deep within you.

So, how do you reinvigorate yourself when faced with boredom or deflation? Please share your insights and experiences.

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