Are You in Alignment with the People You Are Trying to Influence?

Published on August 31, 2023

Think about alignment for a second. What is the opposite word of alignment? It is resistance.

And you can easily see that if you have resistance, Velocity is affected.

Let’s talk about resistance. Imagine you’re on an airplane, cruising, when suddenly you encounter strong headwinds. What happens to your velocity towards the destination? It’s impeded, you slow down, and if the resistance is excessive, you might even struggle to reach your destination. The aircraft might consume too much fuel and require an unscheduled landing for refueling.

So the question is, how can you gain in alignment with the people you are trying to serve?
Take employees, for example. Do you understand what their career motivations are? Do you understand what they are trying to achieve in their lives? So when you need to assign tasks, you can frame them in the context of what matters to them.

With customers, are you aware of their objectives?  Do you know what their emotional wants are? Can you identify what they are trying to achieve and the pain they are trying to avoid? It’s only by truly understanding these aspects that you achieve alignment with your customers and can tailor your solutions to match their needs.

Alignment is a key piece to Velocity. Previously, we gave you the definition of Velocity as Speed with Direction. Today, we are adding the new component. Velocity is Speed with Direction + Alignment. If you don’t have Alignment with the people you are trying to serve, you will not have Velocity and it will impede your success.

So, today’s question is simple: What do you have to do differently to gain better Alignment with the people you are trying to influence?

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