How to reframe your argument to move forward

Published on February 1, 2024

Do you know how to reframe your argument to move forward?

Reframing is a cognitive technique used both in psychology and communications to shift your viewpoint as to how you see the problem so that you can see it correctly.

Hertz reframed the situation a while back when they surveyed their top renters. The biggest complaint they received was how long it took to return the car at the depot and get back to the terminal. Hertz initially viewed this as being a bus situation. They increased the frequency of the buses back to the terminal.

Six months later, when they did the same survey, they were shocked when they got back the same result. They realized they had to shift their perspective because they were looking at it all wrong. It wasn’t the bus frequency that was slowing people down. It was how long it took to wait in line to get the receipt.

Having identified the true issue, Hertz fostered creativity and developed waist-mounted computer terminals. Now, upon arriving at the depot, customers receive their receipts immediately.

Reframing also allows you to present your value proposition to somebody when it lands on deaf ears. By reframing what you offer in terms of its impact on the individual or organization, beyond just using your service, you guide clients in recognizing what truly matters to them.

So, think about reframing and how you can make it more about the customer and the greater impacts than what it does for you.

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