Mastering Cross-Selling: Insights from Nature’s Banyan Tree

Published onĀ March 21, 2024

When I think of sales success, I think of a Banyan tree. Look at this tree. It is so magnificent.

But look at the integrated network of roots. It’s amazing how it grows. Now, here’s what’s special about a Banyan tree. It’s not like normal trees that have one trunk coming down, and it’s not planted by a seed.

Instead, it propagates itself by entangling its web of roots and bark around host plants and basically takes over.

This is like cross-selling your products and services. Managers in sales always ask people to cross-sell. What that means is instead of just selling one product and finding one problem, and that’s it, find as many problems as you can so that you can sell as much as you can.

Now, this strategy is not just to increase your revenue; it actually adds a layer of defense against your competitors. As you can see with the Banyan tree, the more intricate your network is, the more relationships you have in an organization and the problems you’re solving. Imagine how hard it would be to replace you.

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