The Biggest Mistake Sales People Make – Sales Tip 101

Do you agree this is the biggest mistake salespeople make? Let us know your thoughts. YouTube Preview Image

Tell us the biggest mistake you see salespeople making. Let’s start a great conversation!

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11 thoughts on “The Biggest Mistake Sales People Make – Sales Tip 101”

  1. Ron,

    I love the imagery – felt like I was back in school, where I remember most of the puking I’ve experienced. However, it does seem that the puking now extends to people upchucking on blogs, letting it fly on Twitter, projectile vomiting on squeeze pages – and a host of other new online indignities. But, I digress.

    So, Ron, do I have your undivided attention? What is most critical to you and what results are you after? What’s at stake for you if you don’t get them? And what kinds of challenges are you facing? How am I doin?

    Gotta’ go – no waiting here – I have to go “sell more in less time at higher profit.” Thanks.

  2. Ron,
    I am glad my manager sent a link out to your website this week. I just listened to the short video blog on the biggest mistake that sales people make. You are dead on and as a seasoned 20 year sales person I have recently forgot this principle–listen and find out what’s going on with the customer. Thanks for reminding me of this and I can assure you that tomorrow I will be a better sales person than I was today. In the tough economic climate that we are in today we as sales people need to get back to basics.

    One area that I also need some help is in how to get prospective customer’s attention. This year more than ever I have been trying to do more prospecting to customers I have never worked with before. I am finding that many people will not take the time to answer an email, voicemail, or even direct call if they don’t know who the sales person is. I am experimenting with some new ways to deliver my introductory sales call by email to try and peek some interest. Which one of your publications would be helpful for some pointers.

  3. Ron,
    I’m been laughing all weekend about something that happened to me on Friday.
    While I was at a conference, this guy sits down at the bar next to me and
    starts talking about stuff.
    Then he starting a sales presentation and puking all this detail and data on
    me and inside I’m laughing because I could not stop thinking about your
    video blog.
    Now other than the laughing on the inside, I was bored beyond belief on the
    outside because I had NO interest in what he talking about.
    Great video blog and it is absolutely true.

  4. Ron:
    Excellent metaphor. Yet one of the great ironies behind all this “spewing” of information in a sales call is that many companies, while preaching the idea of “interact with the customer” — actually only teach product knowledge.

    So what do you get? Hordes of salespeople who think that the right thing to do is show how much you know. (It’s even what they get evaluated on in most companies’ online learning systems.)

    But when you think about it, that’s what we’ve all been rewarded for ever since we had to write book reports in third grade… the more information you packed into your paper, the better your grade was. That might work with homework assignments, but it doesn’t work with people. What you’ve hit on so well here, in my opinion, is that effective selling isn’t presenting…it’s responding.


  5. Ron,

    Good, solid stuff. One production value critique, though, is that I recommend either you pan to the book on a stand, insert a slide of it with voiceover or something similar. Holding it makes the 7 traits section glimmer like a hologram and is distracting at the end of your good message. Keep on selling. John

  6. Ron,

    I chuckled through this video clip. It brought to mind someone who calls every few days and he PUKES. At first the puking gave me a break. I would put down the phone and continue working. About every 10 minutes or so, I would interrupt with – John (not real name), John, John, John, John, John, John, STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP, John. Then I timed how long it took him to come up for air. I told him that and he stopped. “Really?” he asked. Yes, and I am going to record it next time if you don’t believe me. I also told him that I was not willing to keep yelling for him to pause (I really like the guy which is the only reason I have tolerated it. NOW, I have a weapon. I am going to send him YOUR VIDEO. If that does not work, I am going to get a whistle and blow it for time out!

    Thanks for the lesson . . . and a new tool to use. Heshie

  7. Great stuff. It is like walking into the shoe store and they ask how can I help. Instead they should ask are you looking for formal shoes or something casual? Need to know what in it for me before you sell. Good luck with your site Ron.

  8. Well done – Nice one pal.

    So what would I do? – using you’re video as a prompt:

    “Let me ask you a question Ron. You’re angry and I’m guessing you’ve had some really bad experiences with poor salespeople in the past. Tell me what you really want, what you’re looking for in someone when you do business with them…”

    Then the game begins.

    Nice post my friend.


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