Championship Caliber Leadership

Published on February 6, 2012


Tom Coughlin is the Greatest Example of Championship Caliber Leadership in the Modern Era.

Whether you are a sales rep trying to lead your customer through an acquisition process or any kind of leader trying to get a team over the goal line, do you face these common problems?

  • Interruption of daily routine by unforeseen situations
  • Loss of key personnel or decision makers you counted on to support you in your initiative
  • Injuries, sickness or other distractions that prevent team members or customers from contributing to your success
  • Stiff competition
  • Lots of naysayers that doubt your abilities and chances of winning

These are all the issues Tom Coughlin faced this year as he led his team to its second Super Bowl Victory in four years.

  • Players went on strike eliminating off season conditioning and training camps to evaluate talent and get the team in shape
  • Star WR Steve Smith went to the Eagles and Star Tight End Kevin Boss went to the Raiders for more money.  Giants left with an untested rookie named Victor Cruz and we all know how he turned out
  • The Giants Defense was decimated by injuries and they lost a few games because of the holes they could not plug- until they all their players returned
  • The road to the Super Bowl involved beating A rated teams on the road like the Packers, 49ers and Patriots
  • The press and fans called for Coughlin’s resignation when the team was underperforming and their record was 7-7.

All of this did not dissuade Tom Coughlin from sticking to his vision and leading his troops to victory.  He had the belief, the vision and the discipline to not let any of these reasons become excuses. He found ways to get around the lack of resources and more importantly he rallied the team leaders to help in keeping the team positive and paying attention to the small details.

A telling example was when full back Brandon Jacobs came up to Tom Coughlin at the end of the NFC Championship Game— like a big Tiger coming up to his human trainer, putting a large arm around Coughlin’s neck with a look of appreciation and Coughlin petting Jacob’s arm like a father showing appreciation to a son for a job well done.  That picture said it all.  Coughlin had the respect and support of his team in times of adversity.

All of us face the same problems Tom Coughlin did at one point or another in our lives.  What’s different is he had the right tools and mindset to deal with them.  This is why I have asked my publisher to release the first three chapters of my CEO Bestselling book Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way.  Now you can download them for free and learn the five beliefs and 7 Traits that Tom Coughlin and other highly effective leaders and sales executives rely on a daily basis to succeed.   To find out what these beliefs and traits are, click here to download them for free.