Using Golf to Increase Sales, Revenues and Success

Published on April 5, 2013

With Spring finally here, professionals are dusting off their clubs. Did you know, the game of golf provides a lesson on how all of us can become more successful?

In golf, the person with the lowest score wins.  While you are competing with others, your performance is all that counts as compared to other sports.  In baseball, you are playing against others.  Will the defense catch your ball?  Will the pitcher strike you out?  Will someone hit a home run against you?

In golf, there are no opposing players.  Just a little white ball sitting on a tee waiting for you to hit the cover off of it!  No opposing players waiting to catch the ball, throw it to you, etc.

This is what success is all about.  Too many people worry too much about their competition.  Want to increase your success?  Stop worrying about the competition.  As in golf, they have no impact as to how well you can sell, lead others and follow through on your commitments.

It is all about your skill, determination and attitude.

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