The Power of Helping Clients Gain Momentum

Published on April 30, 2019

This week I met Ashlin, a phlebotomist at my doctor’s office, and I’d like you to meet her too. As soon as I sat down for the blood draw, I was impressed with her attitude. She was both confident and caring, and I felt safe in her hands. When I complimented her, I asked what was important to her.  Her answer surprised me. She said if she leaves someone better off than when she met them, she did well. She considers this to be her mission in life.

Isn’t this exactly what sales should be about?  Not you trying to close a deal, but rather leaving your customer in a better place after speaking with you. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Use empathy. Take a genuine interest in them. Understand what they are going through, their issues and challenges.
  2. Listen to their answers.
  3. Respond to what they have said; don’t just switch to your own agenda and talk about what you want to talk about.

Gaining Sales Velocity starts with your mindset, and the Velocity MindsetTM is rooted in understanding others. Ashlin may not be in sales, but she’s employing the Velocity MindsetTM and serving as a fabulous example of how to make a positive impact in someone’s life and help them gain momentum. When you do that, your own Velocity is positively impacted.  Why?  Because people will begin to trust you, engage with you, and look for a path to work together.

Do you want to gain Sales Velocity? Then ask how you can help your clients gain Velocity in achieving the results they are after. Make that your mission, and you will gain Velocity too, building your sales as a result.