INKED by Jeb Blount

Published on January 15, 2020

While sellers are constantly working to sharpen their sales techniques, buyers have become more sophisticated as well. One growing trend I’ve noticed is that sellers often get outplayed by savvy buyers, who have been schooled in the art of negotiation. Sellers end up leaving their commission on the table and feel out of control. The good news is that there is a way to turn the table and regain control!

My friend Jeb Blount has just come out with a new book that will teach you exactly how to go toe-to-toe with modern buyers at the sales negotiation table, and win.

In INKED: The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Closing and Sales Negotiation Tactics that Unlock YES and Seal the Deal, Jeb levels the playing field by giving you the strategies, tactics, techniques, skills, and human-influence frameworks required to become a powerful and effective sales negotiator.

My favorite part is in Chapter 4: “The Devil is in the Discount.” Read it at least twice – it will change the way you look at dropping your price — forever!

You’ll also learn:

  • Seven Immutable Rules of Sales Negotiation
  • Why “Win-Win” Usually Means “You-Lose”
  • The One Rule of Sales Negotiation You Must Never Break
  • The powerful MLP Strategy
  • Seven Principles of Effective Sales Negotiation Communication
  • Negotiation Psychology and Influence Frameworks that Keep You in Control of the Conversation
  • How to Protect Yourself from the Games that Buyers Play
  • And much, much more.

Unlike other books on negotiation, Jeb shows you exactly what to do – from the seller’s perspective. This is the most comprehensive, sales-specific negotiation primer ever written. With Jeb’s tactics and strategies in your arsenal, you will approach sales negotiations with the confidence and power to take control of the conversation and get the prices, terms, and conditions that you deserve.

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