How to gain velocity when you have a busy schedule

Published on July 7, 2023

So how do you gain velocity when you have too much to do?
As many of you can relate, I’m in a really busy time of my life. So recently, I reached out to my marketing team and simply said that unless a task is extremely urgent, I am unable to accept any new responsibilities until November.
The point is this: When you have too much to do, there are two things you must take into
account in order to gain or regain your velocity:
1.Prioritize effectively: Take the time to prioritize your tasks and identify the top three or four most important ones. If you find yourself overwhelmed, do not accept any additional to-do items. In other words, learn how to say no.
2.Reprioritize and communicate: If you have already taken on too many commitments, it’s important to reassess your priorities and limit yourself to three or four at most. Attempting to concentrate on too many things simultaneously can be counterproductive. 

For those activities that you know you won’t be able to address, proactively communicate with the involved parties, explaining the situation and why you may not be able to fulfill your commitments. Ask them for alternatives that can assist both parties. 

At the end of the day, what we always strive for is to exceed expectations and avoid disappointing others. But it’s equally important to maintain your own velocity and work on tasks that move you forward.
How do you typically handle a busy workload and maintain your productivity?

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