How to Overcome an Emotional Impasse to Move Negotiations Forward

Published on August 10, 2023

Have you ever encountered an emotional impasse with someone, leading to a struggle in advancing the conversation and reaching an agreement? This can create a lot of drag and resistance in your velocity.

When one person responds emotionally, the other party tends to reciprocate with their own emotional reaction. As a result, this emotional intensity escalates, making it difficult for either party to break free from this cycle.

The only way to overcome such emotional impasse is to elevate the conversation to a higher cause that both sides aspire to. By focusing on a common goal, the conversation transcends the emotional quagmire. It is at this point that creativity is unleashed, paving the way for consensus.

You cannot negotiate out of emotion. Although some individuals may employ emotional tactics to gain an upper hand in negotiations, that won’t create a constructive atmosphere.

By rising above the emotional discord, you can engage in innovative problem-solving to discover solutions acceptable to both parties. This approach will effectively guide you back onto the path of progress, enabling you to regain momentum.

How do you envision applying this strategy to your own conversations and sales negotiations?

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