The Power Within: How to Create Your Own Energy and Thrive

Published on September 7, 2023

Imagine being 14 years old, diagnosed with a condition causing immense pain and grief. That’s what happened to me when I was 14.

It was a speech impediment, preventing me from pronouncing the letter “R.”

It was so painful and led to a lot of ridicule in my life. In fact, they called this impediment Rhotacism or as I called it, “otacism.”

Can you imagine having this impediment and being given the name Ron Karr? The bullying was relentless. I was called names, because I couldn’t pronounce my own name Ron – it was “Won”.

I remember I went for a speech lesson one time. It was so painful. I struggled to move my tongue correctly, but it just wouldn’t. Frustrated, I initially gave up.

However, after I had another couple of years of bullying, I decided that this had to stop. And the only one who could stop it was me.

I found a speech therapist in New York and went to see her. I asked: “What is it going to take? Is there hope?”

She replied, “Yes, but it’s going to take a commitment on your part. It’s not going to be one week. It’s not going to be two weeks. It could be a year to two years. Are you committed?”

I decided to commit, and it was painful. But the good news is that after two years, most of that impairment went away.

Fast forward to July 30, 2013, I stood on the main stage of the Marriott Ballroom in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was inducted as the 40th president of the National Speakers Association.

Who would have thought that that was even possible?

We all face our challenges, right?

The point is, your success starts and ends with you. It’s not about the economy. It’s not about your competition.

Do me a favor: Take your hands and clap very lightly. Are you energized?

Now, clap loudly and cheer! How energized are you now?

You just proved the point: You create your own energy. It starts and stops with you.

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