Surviving Slow Customer Flow: Is It Marketing or Sales That Holds the Key to Success?

Published on September 21, 2023

When times are tough, and the flow of customers into your business is slowing down to a drip, what’s more important: marketing or sales?

I had that conversation yesterday with the CEO I was coaching. He sells very high-end custom furniture. Because of the economy, he was complaining that the flow of traffic into his high-end retail stores was at a standstill.

He said: “I need to get marketing to get people in here.”

I replied: “Well, okay, but what about the few people that do come in here? How good are your conversations?”

As we delved into this discussion, he realized that while investing in marketing, which is essential, would yield results over time, improving their interactions with existing customers could provide an immediate boost to cash flow.

Ladies and gentlemen, when times are tough, it just means that our skills must shine brighter than ever. When the business is going to the very few, we have to make sure that we are one of the very few who capture the business.

So, in challenging times, don’t get upset. Simply put your time and effort into honing those skills, so when the opportunity does come, it is yours to keep.

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