Do you know why McDonald’s doesn’t sell onion rings?

Published on October 5, 2023

Do you know why McDonald’s doesn’t sell onion rings?
The reason why McDonald’s doesn’t sell onion rings is because of the old adage: rinse and repeat.

That’s right!

If you really want to scale an organization, how can you rinse and repeat the steps so that they’re easily replicable? That is where the profit is.

You see, french fries are among McDonald’s highest profit-generating items. This is why they do not sell onion rings. Onion rings are not as efficient, and they don’t scale that well.

In fact, McDonald’s would lose money if people chose to get onion rings instead of the highly profitable french fries.
Now some of you watching this video may say to yourself, “Well, I run a custom shop or we have custom products for our customers, so this doesn’t apply to me.”

That’s not true; it applies to everyone.

For those of you who do have custom products that you sell, what parts of your process can be rinsed and repeated? In other words: What can you automate? What can you streamline to scale so that you can increase your throughput?

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