The Answer to Success is in the Questions You Ask

Published on October 19, 2023

In the early ‘90s, I trademarked the phrase “The Question Man™.” I believed then, as I believe now, that the answers to your success lie in the questions that you ask.

At that time, I had a great client, Hertz Equipment Rental, that rented backhoes. It was a division of Hertz Rental Car Corporation. The VP of Sales was Bud Howard, who hired me for three consecutive years to work with his team and loved the results. He and I became lifelong friends.

While working together, I asked Bud if he’d be kind enough to provide a video testimonial, mentioning “The Question Man™.” After 13 takes, Bud finally got it right. In the first twelve takes, he mistakenly called me “The Answer Man.”

I said, “Bud, you know the trademark is ‘The Question Man™.’” His response was, “Ron, I know that you teach everybody how to ask the right questions and powerful questions. That’s the reason for our success with you. But, at the end of the day, I believe we find the answers by doing that.”

He was right; the answers to your success come from the questions you ask.

It’s not just any question that will do it for you. You’ve got to ask enough of the right questions.
So, don’t worry about what you know. Go out there and find out what the customer is looking for. Find out what they already know, what they don’t want and what’s at stake if they don’t achieve the result s they are after.

How do you use the power of your questions to not just win over potential customers but to truly understand their needs and build lasting relationships?

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