How “The Negativity Fast” Can Elevate Your Success

Published on November 9, 2023

This week, we’re going to be talking about fasting. That’s right. We’re going to be talking about “The Negativity Fast,” a great book that I just read by Anthony Iannarino.

Why is this so important? It’s simple. You cannot have both a negative and a positive thought in your brain at the same time. The negativity of any kind saps your creativity, and it prevents you from seeing the opportunities that are in front of you.

So, let’s take a look at this a little further. When you have this thought in your mind, “No way this client is going to buy from me,” that’s a negative thought! That’s shutting down your creativity, because you’ve already told yourself, “It’s not going to happen.” So, you’re going to do actions that will create that self-fulfilling prophecy.

What’s the opposite of the “no way that they’re going to buy from me?” The opposite could be, “what do I need to do to have them consume the deal?” That’s a different mindset. That’s a different train of thought that will lead to some opportunities that you haven’t even thought of. In other words, your creative juices will be released.

Now, let’s suppose you’re talking to somebody, and all of a sudden you get a vibe, and you’re saying, “Oh, this person just doesn’t like me. They hate me.” Well, if that’s the case, you’re going to shut down and you’re not going to talk to them. You’re going to move on to somebody else, versus saying, “I wonder what this person’s story is all about. I want to find out.”

Instead of having that thought that this person doesn’t like me, now you start asking questions about where that person is going in life and what they’re doing. That in itself can create new opportunities for new relationships that you would never have, versus if you just left yourself with the thought, “This person does not like me.”

The bottom line is negativity saps your creativity. I’m talking about fears. I’m talking about wrong assumptions. I’m talking about your lack of confidence that tells you that you can’t do anything. And you can keep adding on to that list.

So maybe it is time for a fast. Maybe it is time for us to keep track of how many negative thoughts we have personally on an individual day and see what we can do to start limiting them. As we limit those negative thoughts, our creativity will rise. We’ll be open to new opportunities, and our success will skyrocket.

Oh, and by the way, you can’t have success without a positive attitude.

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