How to become part of the inner woven fabric of your client’s organization

Published onĀ March 7, 2024

If you truly want to keep your competitors out of your accounts, you must become part of the inner woven fabric of your client’s organization.

Consider that loose piece of thread sticking out of the bottom of your sweater, and you start pulling it. All of a sudden, you inadvertently pull apart the entire sweater. That’s what I mean by becoming part of the inner woven fabric: they can’t afford to get rid of you because the impacts will be too great on their organization.

So, how do you become part of theĀ inner wovenĀ fabric? Well, here are four ideas on what you can do:

1. Ensure your products have great quality and produce great results.

2. Ensure you’re always trying to exceed your customers’ expectations. Not meet them, but exceed them.

3. When you cannot keep a promise that you have made, proactively get a hold of the client and help them find a solution, so that they can deliver to their people on time.

4. Have your clients call you for references when they’re looking for other issues or trying to solve other needs you and your company cannot fulfill. When this happens, you have become a trusted adviser and vendor now that they trust your ideas and recommendations.

When this happens, I dare any of your competitors to come and steal your business!

What strategies do you use to become an indispensable and trusted partner for your clients?

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