What Golf Taught Me about Velocity and Growing Sales

Published on August 13, 2019

I love golf, but what I haven’t always loved is the cooler I used for carrying water and ice when I played. It was clumsy to carry and open. Everything about it was awkward. I know this is a small complaint in the scope of life, but that’s not the point. 

Small Things that Make a Big Difference

One night when I was watching a golf tournament, the answer I was looking for materialized. I saw Callaway’s commercial for their cart cooler, and I immediately jumped off the couch, grabbed my computer, placed an order on Amazon. My prayers have been answered! As a result, I gained Velocity in my golf game. The cooler is easy to carry, it has a top Velcro cover allowing me to easily get the water out, and it keeps it cold extremely well. (Callaway, please don’t forget to send me a finder’s fee for all the orders you are about to receive now! LOL.) 

It may sound small, but something as simple as a Callaway cart cooler has made my golf outings much more enjoyable and productive.

What Can You Tweak?

Here’s the question: What minor change can you make that will generate a huge difference in your performance?

For salespeople, the simple idea of listening more vs. talking based on false assumptions will generate more sales.

For leaders, it could be as simple as rewarding and celebrating small wins and efforts on your team, which will create a motivating environment for people to push harder. The celebration and recognition of small wins can generate bigger wins.

For entrepreneurs, it could be taking an extra step in hiring the right people for the right jobs. The process may be a bit slower, but the positive results will last. 

It Pays to Notice Unhappiness

What is bothering you? In your business, what is irritating you and what are you looking to improve? What small tweak can you make that will add velocity to your efforts and productivity?

 If you are unhappy with some aspect of how you are performing and you don’t do anything about it, then you will continue to be unhappy. Don’t continue to live with irritation and unhappiness. Paying attention to it is the first step in making a change that matters.

It is often the small changes that make a huge difference in performance. They change your attitude and your outcomes. For more ideas on how to tweak your actions, check out Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way.