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3 Strategies to Exceed Your 2015 Sales Goals

If you are like our clients, you are probably wondering how your sales people are going to meet and exceed the aggressive budgets you have given them for 2015.

We want to share with you the 3 mindsets we have used with our clients to help them double, triple and quadruple their sales.

 To learn more about these strategies, please watch this short video:

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In this video we discuss the following paramount topics:

  • Creation vs. Competition
  • Openings vs. Closings
  • Velocity vs. Dribble

As the author of the CEO Best Selling Book Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way, we have helped organizations in six continents significantly increase their revenues.  Be sure to watch this video to get three solid tips on how to grow your business significantly this year.

Click Here to Learn How to Exceed your 2015 Sales Goals

How to Get the Most Out of the Holidays

Our ability to influence others and make impacts in people’s lives depends on how we show up.  Watch this video tip on how you can enhance your holiday experience while having positive impacts on others.

3 Mindsets of Top Producers

Authored by John Lusher

Are you looking for ways to significantly increase your business without working harder? Are you looking for ways to become more competitive? Are you looking for ways to double, triple and quadruple your sales in less time? Then you need to start with the way you think! It is all about your mindset!

As a profesional that helps companies grow their business through marketing, I have had the honor of hearing many people speak. Recently I sat in on this presentation by Ron Karr, “3 Mindsets of Top Producers” and was shocked by the impact it had on the lives of the audience members.

This dynamic speaker is opening the eyes of entrepreneurs, sales executives and CEO’s as to what it takes to be a top producer. The impacts this keynote is making on Ron’s audiences is staggering ranging from audience members closing their biggest deals within days of the presentation to key account managers closing industry leading ground breaking deals. It’s also changing the way CEO’s think about their business.

Mindsets Continue Reading 3 Mindsets of Top Producers

Why Joan Rivers Was a Sales Superstar

Today we are mourning the loss of Comedian Joan Rivers.

imageFor the the past 50 years she entertained and at times offended audiences. The reason she was a sales superstar is because she achieved success by implementing the same strategies top producers and entrepreneurs use to succeed. They are:

1. Never Take NO For an Answer: Joan was hired and fired many times. People said she could not succeed and had no reason being on stage. She never let that stop her. She relied on her inner strength and confidence to keep going out there day in and day out to make a difference. Sometimes she succeeded and sometimes she failed. But, As we stand here today we can all agree her life was a tremendous success!

POINT: Never let rejection stop you or deter you from achieving your life’s goals. Continue Reading Why Joan Rivers Was a Sales Superstar


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral and is sweeping the country and the world by storm.  Actors, athletes, journalists and people of all professions are pouring buckets with cold water and ice over their heads.  And they love it!!!

Ice Bucket ALS ChallengeIt all started when friends of Boston College Baseball Captain Pete Frates, who is suffering from ALS, asked their friends and family to pour ice water over them to create awareness for ALS.

The challenge is if you do pour the ice-cold water over yourself, you then have the experience and right to challenge your friends, colleagues and family. You get to call people out by name.  How fun is that? Continue Reading EXPERIENCES SELL – JUST ASK ALS

Rejection is Truly A Gift

What would life be like if you truly felt rejection as being a gift?  It would dramatically improve your lifestyle and success.  Why?  Because rejection forces us to see what we are doing wrong and make adjustments to get better results.

rejection Consider rejection as being a measuring stick. It merely is a signal that our efforts are falling short of the desired outcomes. If we can program our brains to think this way, we will eliminate all of the emotional nonsense that stops us dead in our tracks. Misplaced emotion is simply allowing assumptions, most of which are false, to rule our lives and force us to make decisions based on wrong information. Continue Reading Rejection is Truly A Gift

A Smile is Time’s Best Selling Tool

Yesterday I walked into the hardware store to buy something and as I was standing on line at the checkout counter, I noticed how the clocks for sale hanging on the wall were all set to the time of 10:10am.

I was amazed they all had the same time and asked the clerk how that was possible.  She did not understand the question and started telling me the correct time was 3:00pm.  A gentleman standing behind me said that is done on purpose.  He said when you look at the frame of a clock and it is set to either 10:10am or 2:10pm, the frame between the clock hands resembles a smile.  So the watch manufacturers and clock manufacturers purposely set all of their new time pieces to either 10:10am or 2:10pm to psychologically get you into a good frame (smiling) which then helps them sell more time pieces.

Just for kicks, I googled new watches and below is a picture from Zappos.  Bingo- they are all set to 10:10am.

New Watches







Continue Reading A Smile is Time’s Best Selling Tool

Emotions That Kill the Sale

What would you do if a client of yours told you one day they found a place to live through another real estate agent, after you have spent countless hours trying to find the right fit for this client?

This happened to a good friend of mine who is a residential real estate agent in New York. When the client called with the news, she responded in a way most agents would have not. She congratulated the buyer, agreed the location was a good fit for him and his family, and offered her assistance if he should ever need it.

The client responded by saying “the contract is not yet signed and if you have anything you believe I should see to please call”. She did call with four other suggestions. He wanted to look at two of them and one of those is the house he actually bought. Continue Reading Emotions That Kill the Sale

Three Mindsets to Double, Triple and Quadruple Your Sales

In the CEO Bestselling Book Lead, Sell Or Get Out of the Way, I talk about the 7 Traits of highly Effective Sellers. Since the book was released, I have been able to cull these 7 traits into three mindsets that have literally blown the roof off for my clients in terms of the sales results they have achieved (see video Testimonials). The three mindsets are:

1. Creation vs Competition
2. Openings vs. Closings
3. Team vs. Lone Ranger

In Creation vs. Competition, we talk about focusing only on creating better results for clients vs what the competition is doing. Those that create results are often in the driver’s seat with the competition behind them. Those focusing on the competition are not distancing themselves but rather creating similar clones with little differentiation. Jobs did not create a cell phone juggernaut with the iPhone by trying to beat Blackberry. He had his engineers look at their phones and asked them what would you like to see different and let¹s make it happen. Continue Reading Three Mindsets to Double, Triple and Quadruple Your Sales

#1 Presentation Tip to Increase Sales and Influence

Your level of influence will increase with your employees, customers and personal relationships when you can articulate your ideas in the shortest amount of time with clarity.  When it takes too long to get people’s attention their interest wanes and you lose the opportunity for captive listening.











There are several reasons why people use too many words and their thoughts are not crisp or clear. Here are the top three culprits: Continue Reading #1 Presentation Tip to Increase Sales and Influence

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