Growing Your Business By Sitting In The Exit Row

Published on October 19, 2010

Yesterday I was sitting in the exit row on a flight when the flight attendant came to all three of us sitting in that row and asked if we would assist in helping to evacuate the plane in case of an emergency. Two of us replied yes. The person sitting next to me incredibly said NO! The flight attendant was stunned. Then he asked if anyone would change seats with the guy.

I asked the guy why he wouldn’t help. His reply: “I am not sticking around to save people. I am only concerned with getting my butt out.” How selfish can this guy be? I then told him “Dude, all you have to do is open the door and get your butt out. Everyone will be following you.” He then accepted his mission.

This self focused mindset is one that I often see occur with sales executives, managers and business owners at one time or another. It is often not meant to be self serving as it is in an attempt to protect one’s self interest and achieve one’s goals. It is also perceived as being arrogant and self absorbed and does get in the way of one getting rich and growing one’s business.

The key to growing sales and a business is to be dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. Help others get to where they want to go safely and you will in turn get more than you ever thought was possible. Customers do business with people who help them succeed. Not with people who are only interested in saving their butt at all costs.

You most probably do care about your customers. But please stay vigilant and do not let your actions position you as a self centered and arrogant individual like the guy sitting next to me in the exit row. It can be the difference between have a good year and having a great year.

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