How to Get People to Buy

Published on May 30, 2012

Yesterday I shared with you a golden nugget from my daughter Amanda on how to successfully communicate with an audience.  Now I want to share another “Amanda” nugget on how to successfully sell.

I asked Amanda, when you have succeeded in getting your requests acted upon, what strategies and tactics did you use? Her response was “make sure your audience feels as if they are getting something of value out of the arrangement”.  I wonder whom she learned this from?

Amanda is right.  The quickest way to double, triple and quadruple your sales is to concentrate on messaging that connects with your audience and communicates what they are going to get out of the deal.  Don’t be self focused.  People only buy for their reasons, not ours.

Find out the outcomes people are after and communicate how your products and services will help produce those outcomes.  This is true for all those who sell products, services and ideas.  Including teachers, leaders, coaches, etc.

Help people achieve the outcomes they desire and you will in turn  will receive more than you ever thought was possible.

Amanda knows this well.  She really knows how to sell her “parents”.  After all, she has learned from the master.

Want to know more on how to sell outcomes, read Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way.  It will help you to immediately double, triple and quadruple your sales.  You will find case studies of how this was done in a book that was listed on the CEO Best Seller List.