Top Sales Articles from January 7, 2013

Published on January 13, 2013

To provide you with most useful sales information possible, each week we will feature the top sales articles from the previous week.


Do you realize that one of the best ways to sell me is to not sell? People do not want to be sold!

When we say people hate to be sold, we mean they hate being lied to, manipulated, pressured, and in every other respect prevented from making up their own minds in their own time. They also hate feeling like those things are happening (even if they aren’t). As pointed out in the CEO Bestselling Book Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way, people want help in making the right decision, not being forced into a decision.  

Read more about how to sell more by not selling in this post by Bronn:  Sell More This Year by Not “Selling” at all – 3 Simple Guidelines and One Secret Weapon


How salespeople connect to or interact with their customers is changing. Read more about how social selling is changing our profession.

Up until recently, salespeople with average sales skills, making an average amount of phone calls, doing an average product demonstration, could earn an above-average income. But, that age of average is over. And salespeople need to shift to a new playbook.

Read more of this timely post from Mark Fidelman: Average Sales Are Over: Hello Social Selling.


Are you overlooking one of the most important sales tools right under your nose? Using a prospects salespeople can make the difference between making a sale and missing an opportunity.

Many times the best way to reach a decision maker is by leveraging a salesperson in the decision maker’s own company.

Read more on this topic from my colleague Mark Hunter: Use a Prospect’s Salespeople to Introduce You to the Decision Maker