The Formula for Increasing Impact and Sales

Published on February 7, 2017

impact-on-the-world-shutterstock_171400451Everyone wants to make an Impact to dramatically increase their sales. By understanding and executing the elements involved in creating Impact, you can dramatically increase your sales in a short period of time! As a sales and leadership expert, I’ve created a formula that will show you how you can create Impact and dramatically increase your sales!

To unlock success, I developed a formula for creating Impact: (Mindset + Insight + Motivation) x Velocity = Impact. Let’s look at each of these inputs in the Impact formula.

Fear often gets in the way of creating impact. Rather than focusing on the fear that someone isn’t going to accept what you’re asking them to do or the fear that they won’t buy, you have to focus on the outcome. You have to believe in the outcome and go into the conversation or meeting visualizing what you want and with confidence that you’ll get there. It’s that mindset that provides the foundation for the remainder of the formula to enhance Impact.

Impacting others isn’t just about what you want; it’s about what others want and understanding their goals, priorities, and restrictions. This information is sometimes obtained through conversations, and sometimes it can come via trade journals and even newspapers. Stay tuned in to relevant industry information. Do you have insight into what makes your clients tick?

People do things for their own reasons, not for your reasons. In general, motivation is about two things—either avoiding pain or obtaining pleasure. Find out what people are looking to either eliminate or gain in their lives, and then present what you have to offer in the context of that information. This is how you speak to their motivation, which will move them to action.

Speed is critical. Look at manufacturers. They improve their profits by increasing the throughput of their machines. As more units go through, costs go down and profits go up. You have to think of yourself as a machine. How much influence can you generate through your conversations to move people to action faster? If you move them to action faster, then you are winning those little impacts that will ultimately become a greater Impact in the markets you are trying to influence. Velocity is key.

By understanding the inputs involved in creating Impact, maximum Impact is within your grasp. If you work with the formula, I guarantee you will increase your Impact! To learn more about Increasing Impact and revenues, check out our online course.