Task vs. Purpose?

As a sales executive, are you more concerned with the number of calls your sales people are making or the quality of their calls? If you are more concerned with the number of calls, then you are a task-oriented leader. If you are more concerned with making quality calls, you are a purpose-oriented leader. If … Continue reading Task vs. Purpose?

John Chambers- CEO Cisco Systems

John Chambers-CEO of Cisco Systems Who leads the fastest growing company in the history of the computer industry? Answer: John Chambers. For the past 21 consecutive quarters, Cisco Systems reached it’s profit expectations and has grown from annual revenues of $1.2 billion to $14 billion. According to Selling Power Magazine, Cisco enjoys the Titan position … Continue reading John Chambers- CEO Cisco Systems

Hello Pampered Chef

Last night, my wife hosted a Pampered Chef party. Basically this is an excuse to get your friends together under the guise of learning new recipes and discovering new gadgets to assist your culinary efforts. The party is actually run by an individual whose job is to present a cooking program and sell the culinary … Continue reading Hello Pampered Chef