Does Anyone Care?

Remember when you called up a vendor’s customer service hot line to relay a complaint and was left with the impression that nobody really cared. The most frustrating thing is to call for service and feel like your comments are falling on deaf ears. Think about it. Your future success depends on feedback from customers … Continue reading Does Anyone Care?

Honor Thy Buyer

Richard Burley comes through again. If you recall, Richard was highlighted in our Titan Profile last month. Recently, I spoke with Richard on the phone and he was telling me of his plans to invite 100 of his clients to a roundtable discussion in April with the theme being “Honor Thy Buyer”. What a powerful … Continue reading Honor Thy Buyer

Pat Bald

Pat Bald,Contract Administrator, Agfa Medical Imaging During a recent tour, I heard sales executives of Agfa Medical Imaging in every city refer to Pat Bald as “Saint Pat”. So, who is Pat Bald? Pat is an invaluable resource who works tirelessly and unselfishly to support the needs and requirements of the U.S. Sales Teams. She … Continue reading Pat Bald