The Power of Empty Promises

A friend of mine was telling me how much of a B.S. artist his boss was. He was always promising things and never delivered on them. Whether it was getting something done or following through on some operational detail, there was always disappointment to follow. If a manager is leading his life this way, the … Continue reading The Power of Empty Promises

Who Would you Listen To?

You have two sales reps calling on you one right after the other trying to sell you similar products or services. The first rep is very knowledgeable, but loses your attention as he gets bogged down in the features of his products. The other sales rep gets you involved by providing a stimulating environment that … Continue reading Who Would you Listen To?

Fred (Mister) Rogers

“We only have one life to live our life!” Fred (Mister) Rogers Translation: Every day is show time. How are you performing? Are you making the most out of each situation? Do you need to improve your skills and/or attitude in certain areas? Each day presents us with a new opportunity to start fresh and … Continue reading Fred (Mister) Rogers

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor Elect- California It is very difficult to find one person who could not believe the carnival atmosphere associated with the Gray Davis recall vote. Putting all politics aside, there is another story that needs to be told. It is about Arnold Schwarzenegger, the successful body builder, entrepreneur, actor and now politician. Dan … Continue reading Arnold Schwarzenegger