Paralysis Is A State of Mind

This week we tragically and unexpectedly lost a phenomenal motivational speaker and colleague, 39 year old Art Berg. Art helped tens of thousands of people push through internal barriers to achieve their desired goals. In fact, he named his speaking business Invictus Communications. Invictus is defined as being unconquerable. His clients included the Baltimore Ravens … Continue reading Paralysis Is A State of Mind

Lancelot Negotiations

Switching channels on my tv, I came across the movie First Knight, starring Richard Gere as Sir Lancelot. In one scene, Lancelot was challenging anyone in the town square to take him on in a fencing match. A very big and strong man steps forward. A few seconds after the match starts, the two lock … Continue reading Lancelot Negotiations

I See, I Hear, I Do!

It is a well known fact that when a student hears a concept and sees how it works, their retention level is around 40%. But when they actually implement the techniques, retention skyrockets to 80% and so does their level of success. The “I Do” part is mission critical and it all revolves around personal … Continue reading I See, I Hear, I Do!

Lloyd Braun

“I told them how important it is to try and not be afraid to fail.” Lloyd Braun – Chairman-ABC Entertainment TRANSLATION: This is what Mr. Braun told his children the night after he found out that David Letterman decided to stay with CBS and not sign with ABC. It was a gut wrenching defeat for … Continue reading Lloyd Braun

John Treace and Bill Scott

John Treace and Bill Scott Wright Medical Technology (WMT) Success starts at the top. It starts with the direction and attitude of the leaders. From here, a culture builds and an image forms as to what an organization represents to the community it serves. John Treace, Sr. VP for U.S. Sales, and Bill Scott, Sr. … Continue reading John Treace and Bill Scott