Cocktails Anyone?

Who says you can’t make money attending cocktail parties? Just ask Debbie Rearley, a Titan sales executive for the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhatttan hotel. A few months ago, Debbie met an executive of a major retailer at a cocktail party. In their conversation, the retailer talked about the need for space to interview associates … Continue reading Cocktails Anyone?

Leading in Turbulent Times!

When times are great and things keep going your way, the ability to lead can seem like an easy thing to do. When things stop going your way, times get harder, people start worrying and leadership takes on a whole new meaning. The real test of one’s leadership ability takes place in times of adversity. … Continue reading Leading in Turbulent Times!

One Step at a Time!

Your new year’s resolutions are made and you are carrying them out as we speak. Right? If you are like most people, your intentions are solid but your actions are sometimes not enough. The trouble with New Years Resolutions or any goal is that we tend to think of them in totality rather than bite … Continue reading One Step at a Time!

Cheryl Edwards

Cheryl Edwards – Director of Medical Education Charlie Roth, M.S. Director of Training & Education Wright Medical Technology, Inc Remember the last sales meeting you attended? You just had to show up and the event went on without a hitch. Meetings started on time. The accommodations were just right. The audio visual worked. The meals … Continue reading Cheryl Edwards

Muhammad Ali

“The man who has no imagination has no wings.” -Muhammad Ali TRANSLATION: Titans excel because they first visualize their success, then they believe in their success, and then they create their success.