All it takes is 3 Cents!!!!

A Titan Sales Executive knows that in order to succeed, you need a good resource proclamation—- a statement to start your sales call with and define the outcomes a customer will realize from using your products and services. Gary Stewart and his wife Denise are Titan real estate agents who provided us with a classic … Continue reading All it takes is 3 Cents!!!!

Coaching with Sandwiches

Ever wonder what the best way is to give advice to someone? Try using the “sandwich approach”. The sandwich contains 3 parts: Positive reinforcement on top, advice in the middle and positive reinforcement on the bottom. Here’s an example. Many moons ago when I was the National Value Added Reseller Manager for a manufacturer of … Continue reading Coaching with Sandwiches

Todd Beamer

“Let’s Roll” Todd Beamer, United Flight 93 Passenger TRANSLATION: As we approach 9/11 and pause to remember the tragic events, these two little words remind all of us that we do have the power to impact most situations we find ourselves in. Seize your power and make sure you are living up to your true … Continue reading Todd Beamer

What, Me Nervous?

You ever wonder if peak performers ever get nervous? Just ask Rich Beem, the 2002 PGA Champion and a virtual unknown to the golfing public. Unknown at least until last weekend. He is now well known for taking Pepto-Bismol to calm his stomach down. Bob Hope was asked how he gets rid of the butterflies. … Continue reading What, Me Nervous?