Will You Please Leave?!

“Will you please leave” are the words Brian Billick, head coach of the World champion Baltimore Ravens, once used in asking two ladies to leave the practice field. It turned out the two ladies were actually mothers of the two players they were speaking to. Coach Billick did eventually apologize to the two women, but … Continue reading Will You Please Leave?!

Succeeding the Armstrong Way

Congratulations to Lance Armstrong, a cancer-survivor who came back and just won his third straight Tour de France. The Tour de France is a grueling 20-stage bicycle race regarded as the premier cycling event in the world. The interesting thing about Lance Armstrong’s latest victory was his come-from-behind strategy. In Stages 1-12, he stayed behind … Continue reading Succeeding the Armstrong Way

Titan Profile Tribute

As we climb out of the rubble of debris in NYC and Washington D.C., we rejoice in the fact that the spirit and backbone of freedom and democracy is as strong as ever. Below are references to Titans who have sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom and democracy. *202 NYC Fire fighters who … Continue reading Titan Profile Tribute

Seize the Moment!

This tragic and dastardly act serves as a reminder that life at times is fragile. Every moment we feel the inconveniences of life, we must immediately remember that life is short. Every moment, good or bad, must be seized and lived to the fullest. While many of us feel helpless in terms of not knowing … Continue reading Seize the Moment!