Robert Browning

“A man’s grasp should exceed his reach or what’s a heaven for.” -Robert Browning TRANSLATION: If we don’t constantly push the envelope and strive for greater results, how can we expect to reach the stratosphere of our success? (This translation by yours truly is good enough to be another quote.)

Olympic Style Coaching

What was the biggest difference between Michelle Kwan and Sarah Hughes performances? One was skating very tight and the other one just let it all hang out. Kwan came in being the heavy favorite and the pressure was on to win it all. You could see she was tight in her moves and all of … Continue reading Olympic Style Coaching

Frank R. Davies – AFLAC

Frank R. Davies State Sales Coordinator- AFLAC Great field leadership is the key to any organizations success. In this spirit, we honor this month’s Titan- Frank R. Davies. For the past 13 years Frank has been the State Sales Coordinator for AFLAC in the Great State of Texas. When Frank started that role 13 years … Continue reading Frank R. Davies – AFLAC