Three Elements of Success

For any organization or individual to succeed, you need three things: The right strategy, the right talent and the right tools. All too often, the strategy is sound, the talent is capable, but the tools fall far short in helping the talent succeed. In this case, I am referring to skills as the tools required … Continue reading Three Elements of Success

Harvey Dorfman

Harvey Dorfman, Author: Mental Game of Baseball “Fear is a sign of intelligence… Whats wrong is fearful behavior” Harvey Dorfman, consultant to some of baseball’s elite teams and players, tells a story of former Oakland A’s star relief pitcher Dennis Eckersley. “Dennis admitted he was scared silly every time he pitched, afraid of humiliation and … Continue reading Harvey Dorfman

Jane Carroll

Jane Carroll What do Michael J. Fox, Angela Bassett, Calvin Klein, Halle Berry and Magic Johnson have in common? They call Jane Carroll when they need their event to stand out. Jane Carroll started a business the Titan Way 9 years ago in the basement of her home in the Bronx. She knew everyone … Continue reading Jane Carroll

What Should You Do?

Recently I received an e-mail from a friend. She forwarded a message from a client whom she trusted. The e-mail claimed that Microsoft will send you over $200 for every person you forward this e-mail to. They are doing this as an experiment. I checked it out and of course it was not true. (By … Continue reading What Should You Do?