Poker Anyone?

Do you know when to hold ‘Em and when to fold ‘Em? Poker players of all skill levels are flocking to Poker Boot Camps to make sure they have the upper hand when they are gambling with their hard earned money. These 2-3 day boot camps are held in groups of 60 or less by … Continue reading Poker Anyone?

Staying in Communication

There are certain phrases you have heard in your life that have stuck in the forefront of your consciousness. One such phrase for me is “Staying In Communication”. It is a phrase that a colleague Paul Dominguez has drilled into my mind over and over again. Communication is the single, most important attribute one can … Continue reading Staying in Communication

Beware of the Sample Bandits

Have you been victimized by a Sample Bandit lately? Sample bandits are the prospects that are always asking for demonstrations, samples and quotes yet never buy from you. The important thing to remember is: you cannot be victimized by these bandits if you are not a willing participant. You can control who wastes your time … Continue reading Beware of the Sample Bandits