To Grow Sales You Need The “In” and The “On”

As a sales and leadership expert, I find people working mostly “in” their business (such as making sales calls, fulfilling orders), this will only get you so far. To maximize your business you must also work “on” your business (strategizing, coaching and leading). When you work “in” and “on” your business you will gain velocity and maximum growth. And, you’ll be making the greatest IMPACT on your markets, customers and employees/colleagues.

How To Guarantee Success When Promoting a Top Producer Into A Manager’s Role

As a sales and leadership expert, I see many times companies promoting top performing sales executives to management positions and they fail! Why do they fail? They fail because they didn’t have the IMPACT necessary to lead a team and the reason for that is they have not transformed from being a sales exec to being a sales leader. This post will share with you how top producing sales executives can make this transformation seamlessly and succeed!

How Impact can Significantly Increase Your Sales!

To Achieve Significant Increases in sales, productivity, market share, etc. you need to be able to powerfully IMPACT those who rely on your products and services. As a sales and leadership expert Ron discusses the formula for achieving IMPACT: Mindset + Insight + Motivation x Velocity = IMPACT.