The Power of Options

The concept of giving your customers a variety of options of how to buy your products and services is not new, but it still remains a powerful sales tool. Let’s take a look at Disney World’s version of Option Selling. When you buy your park passes, you have several choices. First, you decide how many … Continue reading The Power of Options

Tightrope Leadership

Organizations and individuals often have to make difficult decisions while walking the tightrope of success, decisions that can easily throw them off that path. For example, Dell Computer and ExxonMobil have successfully built overseas call centers in India to handle many of their support calls. The reason is quite simple. The significant savings in labor … Continue reading Tightrope Leadership

Joel N. Greenberg

Joel N. Greenberg Financial Representative- Guardian If you look at Joel Greenberg’s title above, it is simply understated in terms of what he really does for a living. Joel is a master at networking and being an invaluable resource to his clients. His version of cold calling is going out in the winter to … Continue reading Joel N. Greenberg

And the Survey Says…

Stop trying to guess what your customers want and just ask them. Surveys are the best means available to gain a true picture of your customer’s needs, wants and expectations. Caution: Be sure your questions are clear and you truly understand your customer’s answers. Case Study: When Hertz surveyed their customers, they heard the message … Continue reading And the Survey Says…

The Power of Empty Promises

A friend of mine was telling me how much of a B.S. artist his boss was. He was always promising things and never delivered on them. Whether it was getting something done or following through on some operational detail, there was always disappointment to follow. If a manager is leading his life this way, the … Continue reading The Power of Empty Promises