Video Interview on How to Increase Your Sales and Put Your Competitors Out of Business

By ronkarr.Admin | January 21, 2011 |

Video Interview on how a senior executive turned his sales team around and forced his competitor out of a market

Growing Your Business By Sitting In The Exit Row

By ronkarr.Admin | October 19, 2010 |

Yesterday I was sitting in the exit row on a flight when the flight attendant came to all three of us sitting in that row and asked if we would assist in helping to evacuate the plane in case of an emergency. Two of us replied yes. The person sitting next to me incredibly said…

Tweeting for Sales

By ronkarr.Admin | June 4, 2010 |

In April of 2008, Steve Keating, Manager of Selling Skills at the Toro Company, heard me speak about using social media to build one’s sales. Already involved with Twitter, Steve had at the time a few hundred followers. After hearing the presentation, he decided to make it a key strategy in building both his personal…

Customization the Key to Extraordinary Sales Results

By ronkarr.Admin | May 31, 2010 |

Retailers like Sam’s Club and CVS have figured out that huge profits come from customization. Using discounts to track results, Sam’s Club achieved a 1-2 percent acceptance of generic discounted offers. Realizing it had a trove of information regarding buying habits and the purchasing history of each customer, it developed a new program called eValues.…

Biggest Mistake Sales Managers Make

By ronkarr.Admin | May 25, 2010 |

In the gym of my daughter’s high school (Northern Valley Old Tappan-NVOT), there is a banner that reads- Welcome to NVOT-Where sportsmanship is an expectation. So please let the players play. Let the coaches coach. Let the officials officiate. Let the spectators be positive. This sign caught my eye because all too often I see…

Marketing That Will Kill Your Brand!

By ronkarr.Admin | May 7, 2010 |

You know the old saying “if you have nothing nice to say about somebody then say nothing at all”! Well, here’s a new saying: “If you don’t have your facts in order, don’t bother marketing to your audience”! Just like saying something bad can turn people off, so can saying something stupid and untrue in…

Want Success? Increase Your Velocity!

By ronkarr.Admin | April 28, 2010 |

Instead of concentrating on being more successful, work on increasing the velocity in your efforts on a daily basis. What is velocity? It is the ability to get more done in less time. It is about gaining speed, power and momentum in your actions to achieve your goals in less time than originally anticipated. Granted…

Do Baseball Coaches Need Sales Skills?

By ronkarr.Admin | April 12, 2010 |

Why did Steve Teel of Teel’s Baseball (academy softball and baseball) bring me in to speak with their coaches on sales skills? The answer is simple. Coaches need to know how to communicate to all of the buying influences if they are going to grow their business. Steve Teel is a smart business owner. He…

Voice Mail Messages that Generate Call Backs

By ronkarr.Admin | March 2, 2010 |

Did you ever call someone with today’s technology and simply hang up if they did not answer? If so, consider whether or not it is a wise move on your part – especially in a business setting. Here’s why! Regardless if you left a message or not, with Caller ID, they know you’ve called! If…

Critical Skill You Need to Excel At to Supercharge Your Sales and to Become a Center of Influence

By ronkarr.Admin | November 5, 2009 |

Listening is by far the most recognized but misunderstood skill that is critical to your success in influencing others to accept your offer. This short video will provide you with a couple of tips on how you can dramatically increase your sales revenues and power of influence by listening better to the people you serve.


Why Joan Rivers Was a Sales Superstar

By ronkarr.Admin / September 5, 2014 /

Today we are mourning the loss of Comedian Joan Rivers. For the the past 50 years she entertained and at times offended audiences. The reason she was a sales superstar is because she achieved success by implementing the same strategies top producers and entrepreneurs use to succeed. They are: 1. Never Take NO For an…

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3 Tips for Turning a NO Into a YES

By ronkarr.Admin / January 16, 2013 /

Have you been rejected by someone when you asked them to do something, buy your product or accept your idea?  If you are human, then you have been rejected more times than you probably care to remember.                   How do you turn that rejection into a yes? …

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Dramatically Increase Sales and Market Share Through Powerful Alliances

By ronkarr.Admin / September 18, 2011 /

Learn how to dramatically grow your market share and sales through powerful alliances. This video blog will show you the alliances you need to cultivate and how to do so. Ron Karr shares a real life case story on how he was able to rally the troops, both internal and external, in order to save…

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Mindsets That Close Deals…

By ronkarr.Admin / May 8, 2011 /

Getting people to accept your point of view or proposals depends on how well you portray confidence to the person that you are trying to influence. To close more deals and get people to do what you are asking, learn the mindsets from which you need to operate!

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Catch Phrases That Kill Deals

By ronkarr.Admin / April 14, 2011 /

Want to Increase Your Level of Influence in All Areas of Your Life? Watch this video and avoid common catch phrases that will demotivate people from acting on your ideas. Please leave comments on the phrases you hear that just irritate you.

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The Ultimate Secret on How to Close More Deals

By ronkarr.Admin / March 1, 2011 /

The secret to you closing more business lies in your energy and thoughts! Last week I had to call back a senior executive of a client who hired me to speak to his team last September. The speaking engagement went very well and he wanted to talk to me about a bigger project. On the…

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Clear Vision Helps You Establish Leadership Market Position

By ronkarr.Admin / February 2, 2011 /

Tim Seale, president of Timber Trading had built a successful wholesale lumber business. However, he realized there was going to be a limited premium that customers would be willing to pay to a middleman to facilitate deals between lumber yards and mills. The only way he would remain profitable was to add value to the…

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Supercharge Your Success in Life the Justin Bieber Way

By ronkarr.Admin / January 31, 2011 /

Justin Bieber is by far the biggest teen sensation today and for that matter one of the biggest stars of all. At the ripe old age of 17, you may be wondering how he achieved this phenomenal success. Truth be told, he did it the old fashioned way; a lot of hard work coupled with…

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Your Capacity to Influence Others

By ronkarr.Admin / January 30, 2011 /

The key to your success is the ability to influence others to accept your ideas, requests, etc. The good news is everyone has the capacity to influence others. All you have to do to harness the capacity is remove three self imposed obstacles that usually get in your way. First obstacle is your belief that…

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How to Create a Sense of Urgency that Motivates Your Customer to Buy

By ronkarr.Admin / January 27, 2011 /

If companies are to survive today, they must convince customers and prospects that their products/services are not just nice to have, but are a “must have.” That’s the position Karen Cone found herself in at the beginning of the Great Recession when she was President and CEO of TowerGroup, the leading research and advisory services…

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